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Bikini Armor Sucks by oshirottingham:thumb166907516:


:icontrue-amazons: True-Amazons Inspirationally strong women :iconfightin-females: Fightin-Females Non-sexualized Women of Fantasy

After much deliberation (and coming to a conclusion that a 5-day judging deadline that intersects with our holiday season wasn’t a wise idea), BABD is proud to present winners of the Break the Bingo design contest!.

But first, let’s give  shout-out to those of fans who started working on their designs, but didn’t end up officially submitting them, particularly the artists who tagged us in their WIP posts. Those drawings, even when unfinished, were pretty great!

We’re amazed by the ultimate turn-out. A lot of contestants put extra effort into their entries, by doing things things like:

  • putting them into a form of a comic/concept art pitch/fake advertisement
  • using eschergirls poses
  • referencing the rhetoric bingo 
  • kicking up the art quality a notch

It’s a bit scary just how close to the industry standards lots of you guys came!Some of the designs look like lifted straight-up from a video game or comic book studio!

Each and every submission is appreciated and we’re sorry we could reward only a select few of them, ones that we found to be the most creative in their use of the Female Armor Bingo tropes. And those are… 

First prize:


by loloraturasopranerd

The plexi-boobplate is very clever! Nice way to score “Covers only nipples and genitals” while technically giving her a chest piece :D
Also best luck to Tom in his never-ending quest of finding the sexy male armorsuitable for his empowered body. ~Ozzie

Legitimate depiction of how heavy armor works in video games. - wincenworks

Second prize:

Armor Bingo by noelle-chan
Armor Bingo by noelle-chan / noelle-chan [x]

Her main “covering” is mostly mesh/chain mail thing. It’s sorta lingerie stocking AND boob sock armor. What I think is most innovative about this design is the boob holes in her boobplate. The girls can swing free and unencumbered while in action. Great for badass empowered female warriors.

Accurate representation of shoulder plates and fantasy high heels! - wincenworks 

Chainmail boobsocks encased in what seems like a boobplate frame… possibly the most painful-looking chest piece in the contest. That + super impossible heels + pointy bits that will stab her whenever she moves = another winner! ~Ozzie

Third prize:

Break the Bingo - Contest Entry by zokwani
Break the Bingo - Contest Entry by zokwani naindzardin [x]

Extra points for showing accurate understanding of how bikini armor artists think how physics work. - wincenworks

Personally I think the original version of this chest piece fitted the definition of “boobplate” a bit better, but both versions are very well designed and look as uncomfortable as expected from a bingo winner! ~Ozzie

Bonus prize:

Thanks to lokificent’s generous prize donation, we were able to choose the fourth winner! And that artist is…

Break the Bingo Contest - Foxtrot by Edasypogon
Break the Bingo Contest - Foxtrot by Edasypogon edasypogon

Designing ‘armour’ that would score all 25 squares and the bonus points was equal parts interesting challenge and vicarious thrill. I had to constantly resist the urge to make things less ridiculous. The pinnacle (or nadir, depending on how you look at it) of this exercise was the Echo variant ‘breastplate’; it’s practically a bingo in its own right

Particularly accurate with sci-fi’s tendency to put bits of metal and lights in random places. - wincenworks

I’m getting an impression that more thought was put in designing those modular nipple pieces alone than in many complete outfits we bingo’d before. ~Ozzie

The prizes:

As established above, there are four rewards to choose from:


To collect their prizes, the winners should contact us at bikiniarmorbattledamagevia askbox/fanmail or at BikiniArmorBeDamned via private message and the first three of them should specify what is their preferred reward.
First prize winner gets whatever they choose, then the second and then the third one pick from the remaining poll. Bonus winner gets whatever is left for them.

All the other contest entries + further commentary can be viewed in this post on tumblr, all the deviantArt-based entries available in the contest's gallery.
Break the Bingo contest entry by MeMyMineFemale Armor Bingo Helena by JinksaBreak the Bingo by chackludwigGesamtbild by mungomaticFinals by SniffleCub
A Load of Carp - BABD Bingo Contest Entry by AnkeLiveBABD - Ridiculous armor contest by Lucyann-sanWhy Protection Anyway? (Break The Bingo Contest) by HystericalMellotronBreak The Bingo by FlavorSaviorBDABbig by Furfur

Again, big thanks to all who contributed and congratulations to the winners!


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Collecting artwork and commentary against skimpy female "armor" in media.

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